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UAW Local 1853 is an Amalgamated Local.
We are made up of a diverse workforce covering different companies.
UAW Local 1853 in Spring Hill Tennessee consists of General Motors, American Food & Vending, Leadec, Ryder and Magna.

Layoff Information

President Tim Stannard and Chairman Mike Herron along with UAW Benefits Reps Cheryl Offutt, Lorene Austin, Bill Weber, and Michael Miller recently met with the State of Tennessee to work through the details of an upcoming down week starting May 22, 2017.
The Union and a couple members of Labor attended this meeting in an attempt to make the filing of unemployment claims quicker and more simple for our members. We also wanted to provide personal assistance to the members that are being impacted longer term and will not return on May 30, 2017 after the week down and the Holiday.
Therefore there will be 2 types of unemployment claims.
1. Shorterm Layoff--
This is for Temporary and permanent employees that will be off of work from May 22 to May 30th. Members in this bucket MUST PROVIDE their email addresses to the State Of Tennessee at the Link below. The only way for the state to fast track the unemployment claims is if they have your email address. So go to this link as soon as possible and register your personal email addresses otherwise the longer more difficult and slower process must be used. The Union worked with the State to development a plan for GM, Ryder, Leadec, Magna and AFV employees who can all use this process. PLEASE GO AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO THIS SITE AND REGISTER YOUR EMAILS. Just click on the following link below:
Short link:
Long Link:
2. Longterm Layoff-
This will be for temporary team members that will not return after the May 22 week. The union has worked with the State of Tennessee to set up sessions to assist you personally. These sessions will be held during the week of May 22- May 24 at the Northfield Conference Rooms. The specific times of these sessions will be set up and communicated this upcoming week.
These sessions are for the Team Members on Longterm layoff ONLY.
If you have any specific questions --Please see your UAW Benefits Reps.