2019 Strike Info

Updated Friday October 25, 2019

Ratification Results for General Motors & Aramark
October 25th

The UAW membership has ratified the tentative agreement with General Motors. UAW Local 1853 members should be receiving information from Spring Hill Manufacturing about reporting to work.

UAW Local 1853 members that have Counselor duty on Sunday, October 27 need to report at their assigned time to pass out benefit checks.

Members that are assigned to receive benefit checks on Monday may pick up their checks on Sunday. Counselors that are assigned to pass out benefit checks on Monday, October 28 do not need to report to the Union hall.

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October Union Meeting

The October 27th Union Meeting is being postponed due to strike activities.
Please remember you are expected to report to your Strike Duty until otherwise instructed.
Strike Benefit Check distribution will continue on Sunday and Monday.

Also, please note: Local 1853’s Trunk or Treat has been cancelled due to 100% chance of rain.
Posted Friday October 25, 2019

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Unofficial Tentative Agreement Results
Spring Hill Ratification Vote on Oct 21st
Skilled Trades and Production Combined
51% NO to
49% YES
Trades Only 55% YES, 45% NO
Production Only 51% NO, 49% YES

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2019 Aramark Tentative Agreement – October 19th

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Roll-Out Meetings and Vote

Monday, October 21, 2019 there will be 3 roll-out meetings and a VOTE for the new Tentative National Agreement at Local 1853 Union Hall. The roll-outs will provide our members with factual information about what is in the Tentative Agreement. Meeting times are as follows: 

8:00AM – 1st Shift Members 

12:00 Noon –  2nd Shift Members 

4:00PM – 3rd Shift Members 

Time has been allocated to ask questions to the National Parties about the proposed Contractual Language and To Vote. Highlights of the Tentative Agreement are below.

Strike Duty Will Remain in Effect Until Ratification!

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UAW-GM Contract Summary / Highlights – October 17th

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UAW-GM Negotiations Tentative Agreement Reached – October 16th

The International UAW has requested all GM Local Presidents and Chairmen to a meeting in Detroit this Thursday, October 17, 2019 at 10:30am. The topic will be a contract update and other agenda items to be determined. Local 1853 President Tim Stannard and GM Unit Chairman Mike Herron are planning to attend to gather information for our Local. As soon as updates are available Local 1853 will communicate through social media, uawlocal1853.org and via email!

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Negotiations Update from VP Terry Dittes – October 11th

Ryder Benefit Extension Agreement – October 11th

Negotiations Update from VP Terry Dittes – October 8th

Aramark Strike Update from VP Terry Dittes – October 8th

Negotiations Update from VP Terry Dittes – October 6th

Update 6 from VP Terry Dittes – October 4th

Update 5 from VP Terry Dittes – October 1st

Update from VP Terry Dittes on Health Care – Sept 26th

Update 4 from VP Terry Dittes – Sept 25th

Update from VP Terry Dittes – Sept 19th

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President Tim Stannard received a call on Saturday October 12th from the International UAW. Effective 10/17/19 UAW GM workers’ strike pay will increase to $275 per week.

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Attention Workers from Aident, Ryder, Faurecia, Leadec, Magna, CLI, American Food & Vending and General Motors
Added October 4, 2019

The United Way will hold an Agency Fair for workers that have been affected by the UAW/General Motors Strike. The partner agencies from Maury, Williamson and surrounding counties will be on hand to offer resources that may help all affected. Some examples of the agencies that will be at the fair are Graceworks, Mercy TN and Community Housing Partnership.

The fair is designed to give the affected workers the opportunity to learn what resources are available to them during this time of need. Such agencies may offer assistance with food, counseling, utility bills and rent. Please make plans to attend the Union Hall on Tuesday, October 8, 2019.

UAW Local 1853 Union Hall
125 Stephen P. Yokich Pkwy
October 8, 2019
11:00am – 1:00pm 

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Employment Opportunities 
Maury County schools are in need of substitute teachers. Teacher certificate is not necessary. Background check is required. The pay is $68 per day. If you are interested please call the union hall at 931-486-0125 for more information. 

The Census Bureau is also actively recruiting to fill part-time positions. There are plans to hire more than 300 people in Williamson County and nearly 2000 people throughout middle Tennessee. These positions offer:
• $21 per hour in Williamson County, pay will differ in other counties
• Select the hours you wish to work, including days, nights, and weekends
• Select the number of hours you wish to work each week
• Ability to work from home
• Paid training
• $0.58 per mile vehicle reimbursement
If you are interested apply online at 2020census.gov/jobs
Anyone collecting strike pay may work and earn $249 per week without affecting the strike pay benefit. If you earn over $249 you are not entitled to the strike pay benefit per the International Union. Your insurance provided by the Union will not be affected.

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Dinner for Members
The Carmack Boulevard Church of Christ located at 2111 Carmack Blvd., Columbia TN is offered dinner for Local 1853 members and their families this Wednesday, October 2, 2019 from 5pm – 6pm. If you plan on attending please show your appreciation for this community outreach they have extended.

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The September 29, 2019 Union Meeting is being postponed due to the strike. All efforts are being put into strike activities. Please watch uawlocal1853.org for updates.

The first Strike Benefit Check distribution is Sunday, September 29th from 6:00am – 10:00pm for last names beginning with letter (A – J) and Monday, September 30th from 6:00am – 10:00pm for last names beginning with letter (K – Z). To receive your benefit check you must come to UAW Local 1853 Banquet Hall in person and present picture ID (checks will not be mailed or given to anyone other than the addressee). Future checks will be distributed on the same time and day of the week. All checks not picked up will be sent back to the International Union. All checks are written by the International Union (no checks are written at the Local level). All discrepancies will be forwarded to the International Union for resolution.

If you are coming off of medical since the strike started and need to be cleared by plant medical, they will be open Tuesday 9/24 and Wednesday 9/25 from 6:00am to 4:00pm. You must go to the visitors center to be granted access as badges have been turned off. Then you will need to report to the UAW Hall for strike assignments if you have not already. 

When you receive a COBRA letter, bring it to the UAW Hall as soon as you get it.

Counselors need to report on Wednesday and Thursday at the same times as last week! Please dress appropriately for a 4 hour strike duty and a short informational meeting concerning check distribution.  

UAW GM Member Strike Assignments – Updated 09/22/2019