UAW-GM Shop Committee

Shop Committee *SC
Shop Committee members are District Committeepersons. Their duties consist of handling grievances at second step and bargaining Local Agreements with Management. If applicable, the elected Skilled Trades Shop Committeeperson and the two elected Zone Committepersons are automatic members.
Shop Committee Chairman
It is the duty of the Chairman to: presides at the Shop Committee meetings, handle third step appeals with management and the international and meets with management and the Umpire Staff on fourth step appeals. He or She is also a member of the Executive Board at Large, with primary duties as Zone Committeeperson.
District Committee Persons
The District Committeeperson represents and defends members of his district in contractual issues with management. It is their job to enforce both the Local and National contract.
Alternate Committee Persons
Will function in the district in which they were elected in the absence of the regular Committeeperson.

Michael Herron *SC

Bargaining Chairman

Danny Taylor *SC

Zone Committeeman

Mark Wilkerson *SC

Zone Committeeman

Joe McClure

District 1A - Committeeman

Craig Callaway

District 1A - Alternate

Chad Poyner

District 1B - Committeeman

Daniel Martinez

District 1B - Alternate

Steve Roberts – *SC

District 1C - Committeeman

Rosiland Young

District 1C - Alternate

Derek Lewis

District 1D - Committeeman

Stephanie Filipowicz

District 1D - Alternate

Bill Cundiff

District 1F - Committeeman

Kevin Stepanick

District 1F - Alternate

Dedrick Wells

District 2A - Committeeman

Robert Reynolds

District 2A - Alternate

Jerry Lassiter

District 2B - Committeeman

Rebecca Davis

District 2B - Alternate

Jay Minella – *SC

District 2C - Committeeman

Rusty Bradford

District 2C - Alternate

Danny Bragg – *SC

District 2D - Committeeman

Michael Prehoda II

District 2D - Alternate

Chris Brown – *SC

District 3F - Committeeman

Steve Lyles

District 3F - Alternate

Cynthia Linnard

District 3A - Committeeman

Matt Smith

District 3A - Alternate

Ken Baker Jr

District 3B - Committeeman

Chad Livermore

District 3B - Alternate

Dominic Perez

District 3D - Committeeman

Kristine Carneiro

District 3D - Alternate