Work Family Program EAP

                                     WORK FAMILY PROGRAM (EAP)

The Work Family Program is a resource provided by GM-UAW that offers services for employees when issues in life arise.  GM-UAW recognizes that healthy employees are productive employees and is working to assist employees when life happens.  GM-UAW offers this service to all members for the following areas:

  • Work related worries (conflict, change, etc.)
  • Alcohol and other drug related problems
  • Stress management
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Family and relationship
  • Grief and loss
  • Eating disorders
  • Elder care (coping skills, guilt, etc.)
  • Balancing family and work responsibilities
  • Concerns about your children or family members
  • Referrals to highly specialized services such as financial and legal advice
  • Critical Incident Stress Management

Employees struggling with any issue are encouraged to contact using the contact information below as early as possible.  The key to finding a workable solution is often through early intervention.  Once an employee contacts the representative a confidential discussion will take place between the employee and the representative.  Next, the representative will make suggestions as options for treatment.  Services are then set up for the employee to assist in working toward a solution.  Every step of the way employees will work the representative.  All services are strictly confidential to all members.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Rick Pittman or Melissa Garland using the information below.  Remember a problem is only a problem when no action is taken to correct it.

For Hourly Employees –UAW Work Family Program (EAP)

Contact:  UAW Work/Family (EAP) Representative Rick Pittman at (931) 486-5379, cell 615-485-0357 (available in the plant on a confidential basis) or call 1-877-875-8625 to connect with Value Options, the referral agency.

For Salary Employees – Work Life Plus Program

Contact:  Melissa Garland at (931) 384-1257 (available in the plant on a confidential basis); or call 1-800-280-6507 to connect directly with a GM Work Life Plus program counselor.