Officer Roles and Responsibilities

Local 1853 Officer Roles and Responsibilities

Executive Board
The Executive Board is the administrative arm of the local. They are charged with enforcing the UAW Constitution and Local Union By-laws. Each elected member is responsible for the duties unique to his or her position. They also make recommendations, through majority vote, for the membership. The Executive Board shall be empowered to represent the local between membership meetings.

It is the duty of the President to: preside at all Executive Board and union meetings; approve and sign all checks and vouchers; enforce through the Executive Board the UAW Constitution; appoint Committee Chairpersons; make recommendations for all Local and Internationally appointed positions; and conduct or preside over all administrative jobs relative to the Local Union.

Vice President
It is the duty of the vice-president to assist the President and assume full responsibilities upon the President’s absence.

Recording Secretary
It is the duty of the recording secretary to record proceedings of all membership, Executive Board, and any other special meetings. He or she will handle all administrative work pertaining to appeals and take care of union correspondence.

Financial Secretary
The financial secretary is responsible for all Union finances. He or she must countersign all checks, write all checks drawn on the Local Union funds, and submit a report in writing every month at every union meeting. His or her job responsibilities are vast and complicated. A complete job description is found in the UAW Constitution.

There are three Trustees. They have charge of supervising Local funds and property. They arrange for semi-annual audits of Local Union money, equipment and materials, and they take care of the general upkeep of the Local Union Hall.

Introduces new members and visitors and helps to maintain order during regular/contract meetings

Maintains order and verifies membership qualifications.

E-Board at Large
These elected members are the direct pipeline to the Executive Board. They have a voice and vote on the Local Union’s Executive Board.

Retiree Chairperson
This elected member from the Retirees Committee has a voice and vote on the Local Union’s Executive Board.

Shop Committee
Shop Committee members are District Committeepersons. Their duties consist of handling grievances at second step and bargaining Local Agreements with Management. The elected Skilled Trades Shop Committeeperson and the two elected Zone Committepersons are automatic members.

Shop Committee Chairman
It is the duty of the Chairman to: presides at the Shop Committee meetings, handle third step appeals with management and the international and meets with management and the Umpire Staff on fourth step appeals. He or She is also a member of the Executive Board at Large, with primary duties as Zone Committeeperson.

District Committee Persons
The District Committeeperson represents and defends members of his district in contractual issues with management. It is their job to enforce both the Local and National contract.

Alternate Committee Persons
Will function in the district in which they were elected in the absence of the regular Committeeperson.