Chair: Michael Lewis

This committee provides a variety of opportunities that fall into two categories: recreation, which includes leisure time activities, and conservation, which includes environmental concerns.

It has been proven that in today’s busy work environments, people need to combat stress with quality family and individual leisure activities. If you enjoy organizing events such as bowling leagues, hunting trips, sporting events, team sport competitions and the like, then the Conservation and Recreation Committee could be your committee of choice!

This committee is also an avenue to explore if you are interested in making sure all citizens have access to clean air, clean water, and parks. The Conservation and Recreation Committee’s focus is not limited to your neighborhood or state, but includes national and global issues that affect us all.


Many other discounts use  
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You must come see me with credit card info and we print tickets and parking passes at time of purchase. This is an approximate savings of 5 to 10 dollars off regular gate price.

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Kings Island
 Waiting on ticket store to set up our discounts, I will provide info as soon as I get it.

Nashville Shores
Union Days - we have established your Union Days for July 10 – 23, 2017

  • Union Members have two options for purchasing discounted tickets at $18.99 (plus tax) (regularly $36.99)
    • They can show their badge/ID at the box office to purchase their tickets in person (there is no limit to the number of tickets that can be purchased, but we do ask that they purchase them all in one transaction)
    • They can purchase them online using the “UNION” promo code – it will allow them to bypass the box office by printing their tickets at home and coming straight to the turnstiles (online purchases incur a $4 per transaction (not per ticket) handling fee)

Daily Discounts – we have also established an online promo code that your membership can use to purchase tickets for any day the water park is open this summer.  They can use the code “REGION8” on our website to purchase tickets for $24.50 (plus tax) all summer long.  That same code can also be used to purchase discounted season passes, as well as discounted admission to Treetop Adventure Park (our zip lines and ropes course).

Kentucky Kingdom select amount of tickets and enter your contact information. Discounts are given based on out of state residency.

Cedar Point
Waiting on ticket store to set up our discounts. I will provide info as soon as I get it.

Nashville Predators
Once or twice a month look for Preds Perks ticket info shared on the UAW Local 1853 recreation Facebook page. When you purchase tickets from the Preds Perks emails you will use promotional code 17LOCAL1853 to receive discounts for the 2017/2018 season.                                    

Nashville Sounds Game schedule for August 26, more details to follow look for ticket pricing and game start time on our UAW Facebook pages, UAW local 1853 recreation page, UAW local 1853 and UAW local 1853 Retiree 

Monster Jam Saturday June 24th, 7pm for ticket purchase please call 866 248-8740 and choose option 1. Ticket pricing starts at 12 per ticket. Deadline to purchase tickets at a discounted rate is June 15th @ 11am CDT


As for Professional Bull Riders this August, your members can use offer code SAVE from April 28-August 17 to unlock the following discounts when ordering directly through

Friday, August 18, 2017 8:00 PM:     

$45 (reg. $60)

  • Lower Level, Sections 104 & 117
  • Lower Level, Sections 103 & 118, Rows GG & Up    

$28.50 (reg. $38)

  • Lower Level, Sections 101-102 & 119-120, Rows GG & Up
  • Club Level, Sections 205-220
  • Club Level, Sections 204 & 221-222, Rows A-D    

Saturday, August 19, 2017 7:00 PM:     

$45 (reg. $60)

  • Lower Level, Sections 104 & 117, Single Letters
  • Lower Level, Sections 103 & 118, Rows GG & Up
  • Lower Level, Sections 101-102 & 119-120, Rows GG-E
  • Club Level, Sections 210-215

$28.50 (reg. $38)

  • Lower Level, Sections 101-102 & 119-120, Rows H & Up
  • Club Level, Sections 205-209 & 216-220
  • Club Level, Sections 204 & 221-222, Rows A-D

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